Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Time Passages"

I think it is technically referred to as the Slim Classique, but "Classic Slim" just sounds better in my ears. Or maybe they had it right? Regardless of the name this watch isn't something people will argue about liking. Coming in three sizes, in white or rose gold, and with optional diamonds on the bezel, this is Ralph Lauren's beautiful slim classic watch creation. Once I was able to get the watch (42mm here in rose gold) on my wrist I was sold. Apparently it is a favorite of Ralph Lauren himself as well as his close circle.

The watch is just over 5mm thick and inside is a specially made Piaget manually wound mechanical movement that is just 2.1mm thick (40 hours of power reserve). Wow! Look at that size on the wrist. Wafer-thin my friends. The large dial is broad and couldn't be easier to read. Just the hours and minutes told via large Breguet style hands against tasteful Roman numerals. The dial and bezel both feature guilloche machine engravings. Interesting that the bezel also features it, as this was popular "back in the day." But then again, this is the "classique." The strap is thin alligator and comfortable (with a shiny texture to it). Men should opt for the largest size (seen here) and for the ladies there are smaller versions. Really proof that Ralph Lauren and Richemont together can come up with a nice product. Also worth noting is that Ralph Lauren himself is very personally involved in the design and continued refinement and extension of the watch brand - as it is more than just a series of timepieces with his name attached to them.


I love it's classic could certainly be mistaken for a vintage piece.

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