Monday, January 18, 2010

"Mix Master": Atlanta Street Chic

Spelman sophmore and english major Lo Mitchell models some of the season's latest looks. Her favorite labels are Ralph Lauren and Channel.

Who said you could only rock evening wear at night? Incorporate a little drama in your day by simply adding a cranberry velvet dinner jacket with a sequin mini skirt, black tights, and a bouquet of pearls and chains for a dramatic day!

Hot coco is no longer just a winter beverage, it’s now being served all year long! You can never go wrong with all black—everything paired with a Coco “Chanel” bag and black leather gloves. Paris, Georgia?!

Lions, tigers and bears oh my! The jungle has never been this dangerous. Don’t be afraid of the faux cheetah vest! Tame the print down with a solid mini green dress and a pair of studded black pumps! And please don’t bite!

We all can’t play a live guitar, but we can look as if we do! Nothing screams rocker chic than a leather mini skirt, basic grey top and full length gloves. Your performance will surely be memorable.

Walking the dog can be such an intense task, but there’s no reason not to take a note from the song of Ralph Lauren’s commandments. Pair some riding boots with any polo style top for a relaxed equestrian look! Trade the horse in for a dog!

Cardigans can be so high school, but then again those were some of the best years for many. Update this freshman look with a pair of khaki shorts for a mature nautical look. And add a hint of neck wear. Sail on!

The Hamptons is not for everybody and if you’ve never been, who cares, but you can always get the look. Every girl should own a nice cashmere sweater to drape her shoulders with, and knee high socks are always appropriate. Instead of breakfast, let’s have lunch at Tiffany’s!

She doesn’t have time for small talk, she wants to be taken serious. Ties are not just for men! Women are holding their ground proving it’s much more than just a trend, it’s an anthem of empowerment and confidence!

This rebellious-sport inspired look makes this chick the captain of all things. A classic button down shirt with tie under a nice Rugby pull over accompanied by a plaid shirt around the waist makes this look the perfect tag team.

Her casual campus style was introduced to her downtown prep side. She’s sporting all sorts of heritage. This once sports-inspired look for men just lost its game to a more soft and sexier team.



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