Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Fashion and Beauty Industry's Strangest Jobs?

Very interesting, though most are what one would expect to go on behind the scenes. That said, the two that I found to be most strange, are the Kim Kardashian and Rihanna "butt thing." Hmmmmm. Read on for more.

When on the beach Kim Kardashian must always have sand-on-bottom patters on hand.                     

How to get that windswept look in a tropical beach destination that is so tranquil it boasts no breeze? Call upon a man with a handy hairdryer to do the job, like Martha Hunt on a Victoria's Secret shoot.                     

Does my bum look big in this? Not a problem for Rihanna, who called upon two gentlemanly assistants to check her derriere looked spot on and her suspenders were fastened tightly before Dior's autumn/winter 2014 presentation.                     

With one dresser to hold up her ruffled Jason Wu train and another to insert her feet into some skyscraper heels, Karlie Kloss was free to pose for the lurking backstage photographers at the spring/summer 2014 showcase.                     
Confused by the little green mummy lurking in the background? The gentleman in disguise is actually incredibly skilled at hair blowing on all those glossy shampoo and conditioner adverts.

"I couldn't possibly button-up my own cuffs!" One does begin to wonder how models get dressed on their own every day.

Meet the 'backstage glitterati', who were armed with buckets of fairy dust ready for Fred Sathal's Haute Couture shimmering showcase.

You've heard of a hairdresser, but have you met a hair holder? Forget hair clips, sometimes only a human hand will do.

Models at Fyodor Golan's sparkly show had to call upon water bearers to quench their thirst for fear of spoiling their glitter and facing an angry make-up team.
Does this photo assistant look amused at having to stand holding the all-important reflective shield for take after take after take? We think not.

As any young fashion intern will know, those luxury clothes don't un-crease themselves. So several pairs of willing hands and an industrial steamer make for a much-needed job backstage at fashion shows.

"Have I got the right angle?" - no, that's not the photographer asking for a critique on his picture of top model Coco Rocha, but the poor lackey drafted in to handle the burning-hot neon strip light.

As Kim Kardashian headed into the Valentino autumn/winter 2014 showcase, so a blanket of umbrellas appeared to protect the reality TV star against the rain. Luckily an assistant was on-hand to stop the ruination of her dress train too. 

Daily Telegraph UK

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