Friday, July 25, 2014

The Biggest Closet in America!

This magnificent closet and it's owner was profiled on Good Morning America this week. Theresa Roemer is a fitness entrepreneur and former body builder. of course I had to google her! I love the fact that she shares her space with various organizations for charitable events, as well as donates some of her items for a cause. Harper's Bazaar shares pictures as well as details about this spacious closet.

Theresa Roemer the lucky lady who owns the 3000 square foot stunner costing around $500,000 dollars and spiraling up three stories, felt that shoes weren't all that her closet needed to be filled with. The entrepreneur and self-made millionaire chose to use her colossal wardrobe as a space for hosting charity events for those in need. Any company or organization is able to schedule a fundraiser with the phrase "join us in Theresa Roemer's closet, included on RSVP'S and is even able to have some of the higher-end items rotated out as donations or raffle items for the charitable event-talk about sweetening the deal. (Harpers Bazaar)

A spiral staircase takes you up the three-story wardrobe

The view from above

A luxurious vanity
A scent for any taste

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

A spiral chandelier sits atop the spiral staircase

A collection of Hermes belts
Hermes Birkins in an array of colors and sizes

Roemer's Chanel collection

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