Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wing's-n-Things: Jessica Robinson

A New York designer interprets the yoga philosophy.
Jessica Robinson

New York based designer Jessica Robinson began designing jewelry while teaching yoga. Her stylistic journey began with her giving form to her favorite mantras through the use of diamonds.

Her first collections were very simple and inspired by yoga and its positions. With time, Jessica Robinson began to revisit her sober approach to arrive at more elaborate pursuits. She took a whole new direction in 2009.

  The volumes are energetic, the symmetry is surprising and the pieces take on the title of “bold statement piece.” The desire to tie her jewels to fashion, to make them more dynamic, to create new proportions and to revisit her fashion design background though the launch of a surprising jewelry collection was born. She uses gold and champagne diamonds for a line of wings, chokers, rings and earrings that have won over the likes of Sienna Miller, Lily Cole and Rihanna. She has made handcrafted gold and ebony special interpreters of an ethereal message.



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