Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black & White

Niko K. Tucci, Veronica Mazziota

Starting from an in-depth study on lines and materials, young stylist Veronica Mazziota joins forces with Niko Tucci, in charge of the technical aspect, merging their backgrounds and stylistic visions in one to create a project that combines fashion and art.

Sandra Backlund’s creations – the perfect choice for this editorial – take centre stage and command attention through statement volumes created with hand-knitted wool. Shot in a studio to bring the attention on a few elements only, using black and white became a natural choice so as to remove any potential interfering elements – colour, in this case – to focus on the lines that, shot after shot, harmoniously blur the borders between the garments and the lamp. An editorial conceived starting from the study of an object, a piece of home furnishing with a daily use which the two young artists have chosen as the focus of their project.

  Nico K. Tucci - photographer Nico K. Tucci was born in Milan; his mother is from Veneto and his father from Apulia. His life has been mostly characterized by his numerous travels, that he started doing when he was very young. One summer after the other, he has been forced by his father Antonio to visit most of the archeological excavations in Greece, both on the continental land and on the islands; he would have rather met some young people of his own age. When he grew up, he learned to appreciate those direct experiences he had with history, that are still inherent to him. The numerous travels have brought him not to be able to stay still in the same place for a long time. He is based in Milan, but he prefers to travel around. He collects the numerous keys to the reading that are hidden in the real experiences, in order to be able to deeply understand the world that surrounds him, so that he is constantly stirred up. He is the loving assistant of Ramak Fazel; he is a tireless dreamer, and he loves walking.

Veronica Mazziotta - stylist Born on August 14th 1988, raised between Germany and Italy. "I began my studies in Milan at art high school Umberto Boccioni, and then chose an academic path, earning a diploma in Fashion Styling at Central Saint Martin in London. Back in Italy, alongside my working experience with fashion houses such as Tod's, Diane von Furstenberg and L'Autre Chose, I also developed my passion and activity as a free-lance stylist. I am currently enhancing my cultural interests studying contemporary art at the Accademia di Brera.”

Photographer: Nico K. Tucci
Stylist: Veronica Mazziotta
Models: Enly Tammela @2morrowmodel, Cindy Borges @2morrowmodel
Make-up artist: Dafne Rahnema
Hair stylist: Fabio Alvieri

The designers:
Nanna Van Blaaderen
Sandra Backlund
Sihwan Kim


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