Monday, August 30, 2010

"Boutique on Wheels"

This is such a fabulous concept! Not the first of it's kind, but still unique in it's own way. What could be better than stepping into a truck or van filled with a bevy of delectable delights!

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Joey Wölffer and Trish Carroll; Straw minaudières from Serpui Marie; Miss Trish flip-flops paired with French minis from Ella Luna; Drawers reveal jewels from around the world.; Display cubes change color depending on Trish and Joey’s mood.

YOU’VE PROBABLY SEEN the leopard-print van cruising around the Hamptons this summer. The brainchild of designers Joey Wölffer and Trish Carroll of Miss Trish of Capri, the extravagant LaSmooch truck is outfitted like a seductive private club that James Bond might have frequented. While there are no hunky mystery men waiting inside, there is an exclusive handpicked selection of clothing and accessories sure to make every lady swoon. With plans to travel around the country to key destinations, from New York’s Fashion Week to Miami’s Art Basel, we’re hopping on for the ride.

How did you conceptualize LaSmooch?
TRISH CARROLL: LaSmooch was an extension of the mobile retailing experiences I created with Miss Trish of Capri in the Hamptons, from the 1967 Malibu Surf Van to the cabana pop-up at the Wölffer farm stand. It’s the ultimate walk-in closet on wheels, combining the excitement of resort shopping and the unique experience of buying something from a treasure trove.

What were your design inspirations?
JOEY WÖLFFER: Our truck is representative of the range of cultures we experienced on our travels. It’s a brilliant mix of luxury and hippie chic from the streets of Paris to Rio’s markets.

How did you bring it to life?
TC: Our interior designer, James Spodnik, has a history of pop-up genius moments and an unbelievable creative eye. He was inspired by James Bond movies, referencing late ’70s and early ’80s private clubs. Who else would put a huge porthole window in the back surrounded by a gold sunburst, zebrawood display units, red lacquered walls and a mirrored gold ceiling?

What’s your preferred mode of transportation?
TC: Riva boat; secondly, a Vespa scooter.
JW: 1999 Chevy Potato Chip truck, of course!

Any favorite new lines?
JW: I love Dassios for the ultimate boho-chic look, Roarke’s Aztec bibs and Lucy Hutchings’ modern silhouettes.

FROM LEFT: Display cubes change color depending on Trish and Joey’s mood; Drawers reveal jewels from around the world.

Name a few must-have fall accessories.
TC: A Michael Kors bright fur, the oversize brass-buckle belt from Céline and a killer Louis Vuitton pointed-toe lady pump.

What’s the secret of your success?
JW: Going against the grain and taking risks. I want to bring individuality and uniqueness to the customer, which keeps them excited and wanting to come back for more.


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