Monday, August 30, 2010

"Better In Leather?"

Diane Von Furstenberg


Thomas Wylde

Lee Angel


Vanessa Bruno Athe



I'm going to offer a resounding yes to my own question! I've always had a sort of love/hate relationship with leather clothing. I will admit to owning leather pants in the eighties and nineties, but I just couldn't do the whole "set thing." You know the the skirt and jacket with the nipped waist and padded just didn't work for my particular look. My personal opinion is, that leather is better in small doses instead of head to toe...handbags and shoes of course, are the exception. Fast forward to NOW, and I'm lovin the leather trend! The idea of a frilly, feminine blouse with leather shorts or a leather skirt softens the look and makes it so much more appealing. The two items that I'm COMPLETELY taken with, is the Diane Von Furstenberg dress and the Joseph pants. Both caught my eye due to their amazing detail! I'll definitely add a couple of leather pieces for the upcoming season.

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