Monday, October 6, 2014

New In

Last week while in T.J. MAXX, I ran across a couple of ring styles that were on my "most wanted" list. Actually, the "X" ring falls into the "finally found" category. Some months back, I was obsessing over it, and finding just the right one. I also wanted a pyramid or triangle-shaped ring like that in the middle, and feel lucky to have found the exact one. Now the LOVE band,  that was just a little something extra...I was drawn to it's unique look. If I'm looking for a particular piece of jewelry, it may take some time to find, but it usually shows up at T.J. MAXX.

The LOVE ring is rose gold over sterling silver; the pyramid ring is also rose gold over sterling silver, and the "X" ring is sterling silver. As you can see, all are decorated with brilliant CZs. The quality is impeccable!


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