Monday, October 6, 2014

Finally Found!

Whew! It seems that the only mini satchel that I could find, were those that were $200 and up. I wanted more than one, so I knew that I wouldn't spend that much. I settled on Merona's version from Target, but it's constructed from a soft faux leather and by the time I put my stuff in, it was a bit too heavy to wear as a crossbody. I decided that I needed something a bit sturdier, with some structure.

I went into T.J. MAXX last week and found a red one. It's exactly what I wanted. My Samsung Galaxy fits nicely, along with the other necessities. Since they had just the one, I went online to find more, but couldn't find that particular style. I did run across a mini dome satchel on and (Century 21). I ordered a red one from Amazon. If I liked the dome version better, I would just return the other one to T.J. MAXX. When received, I did like the dome better, but it doesn't hold as much as I need it to. It comfortably holds a lipstick, small phone, cash and cards, and perhaps one or two other small things. It's perfect for a night out.

After I made my purchases, my sweet niece surprised me with two more that she had found at another T.J. MAXX location. I'm on my way to a small collection!

Merona, $34.99;

Both are Kenneth Cole Reaction. The one of the left is from T.J. MAXX ($19.99). It has silver hardware, an inside zip pocket and a front pocket. The one the right is from Amazon ($24.92), and is called kenneth Cole Reaction KN1476 Dome Mini Baby Crossbody Messenger Bag. It has gold hardware. Amazon has it in red, orange and silver metallic. Century 21 has black and silver metallic for $19.97.

These are the ones given to me by my niece. Hand-held, or worn as a crossbody, it's a good look.

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