Sunday, February 23, 2014

New In

I'm slowly filtering in a spring and summer piece here and there, and this Joe Fresh top is a perfect addition. The one featured is actually black and white, but there's also a navy and white option. I'm still feeding an anchor obsession!

While out and about Saturday, I stopped in Dillards to check out the 65% off shoe sale. I was actually surprised to find that there was a fair amount of cute styles still left. I picked up Vince Camuto's "Tricera" booties. I love the double zippers. The outer zipper is purely "decorative," while the inner is functional. Made from a soft supple leather, they feel really good on, and will be perfect for spring. You know, I ask myself, how can a person who absolutely CANNOT STAND THE SIGHT OF A SNAKE (even on t.v. or in pictures), be so enamored of snakeskin accessories! Possibly the love of fashion allows me to block out those images....oh well! There are still some pairs around, but the sizes are limited, I've included those, just in case you're interested.

Joe Fresh;

Vince Camuto "Tricera" double zip booties; limited sizes in this color on;;; &

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