Tuesday, September 17, 2013

About Jennifer Fisher

The editors at Glamour give us an exclusive peek inside the offices of jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher. She shares her design aesthetic along with tips on stacking, cleaning, and more.

Glamour: How did you get your start in jewelry design?

Jennifer Fisher: "It was by complete accident and happened because of the birth of my son, Shane. I wanted something to represent him, and everything out there was 'mom' jewelry—it was not for me. So I went out and made a custom dog tag with his full name on it and hung it from a long gold-link chain. After that, I started getting stopped on the street by people wanting my necklace, and it snowballed from there."

Glamour: You're known for stacking your jewelry. What do you love about this type of styling?

JF: "I love that it's really organic. Everyone stacks and layers in their personal way; mine is heavy. If you're new to stacking jewelry I suggest starting with three pieces, including one large piece to ground your stack. Choose some that are open to the top, some closed, and play with different textures and colors of gold. Rose and yellow are my personal favorites."

Glamour: Share some tips for packing your jewelry. How should one travel with it?

JF: "Always separate and protect your jewelry. I hand-carry everything in special envelopes or bags. It's also nice to pack a small polishing cloth if you don't have access to jewelry cleaner."

An assortment of Jennifer Fisher jewelry

Glamour: How do you transition your jewelry from day to night?

JF: "My work look tends to be a little more aggressive, so it's always fun. For nighttime, I'll take off some of my smaller pieces and add in some heavier items and some colorful pieces. I am also a fan of stacking large-scale rings. When it comes to earrings, I'll replace my daytime studs with a singular long chain earring to create more of an evening look." 

Glamour: Tell us about the day you found out you were accepted into the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

JF: "When I got the call from Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, I cried. I'm such a sap! It was an overwhelming feeling of elation, accomplishment, and complete fear all at the same time."
Inside Jennifer's office

Glamour: Jordanna, describe your role at Jennifer Fisher.

Jordanna Oslac, PR manager: "I am the in-house PR and sample manager. On a daily basis, I work directly with magazine editors, celebrities, and stylists to pull items they need for photo shoots or red carpet appearances. I also work on social media for Jennifer Fisher, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest."

Jordanna Oslac, Jennifer Fisher, Alex Tirsch

Glamour: For a girl just starting out stacking, what would you suggest she buy?

JO: "I love the Stud cuff and VIP cuff. It all depends on your personal style, but for a girl just starting out stacking, the Stud cuff is really versatile and can be worn alone or with other jewelry. The VIP cuff is undeniably cool. I was dying for it even before I started working at JF."

Glamour: What's one way you transition your jewelry from day to night?

JO: "For night I like to wear a stack of bracelets on one wrist and a statement piece on the other. I'm obsessed with the Grate cuff, which can easily dress up an outfit because of its size."

Jordanna's saucy sneakers

  • Glamour: Alex, describe your role at Jennifer Fisher.

    Alex Tirsch, VP of operations and production: "I'm Jennifer's right hand. Sometimes left too! When people ask me how I got this job, they either laugh or don't believe my answer, but I found it through a Craigslist posting. After I graduated from school, I was applying for jobs like a madwoman. I really didn't know what I wanted to do, but, hey, it worked out!"

  • Glamour: For a girl just starting out stacking, what would you suggest she buy?

    AT: "I switch up my wrist jewelry a lot, but I always have a Peak cuffon. It's simple but cool and very comfortable. Consider it the perfect starter piece. I also love the Mini Bone cuff. Both are from our classic collection and are always a part of my stack. Also, I never take off my yellow-gold and white-diamond Burnish Letter cuff that Jennifer made for my five-year anniversary at the company. I usually always wear brass jewelry, but this is my one special fine piece I wear daily."

Glamour: What's one way you transition your jewelry from day to night?

AT: "Typically at night I just wear a ton of bracelets on both wrists. During the day, my stack is usually smaller and consists of simpler styles. At night I add the XL Chain Link cuff and layer in either medium or small Stud cuffs, plus the Triangular Block cuff for a dressier look. Depending on my outfit, I may throw on my long, gold charm necklace. Everyone at JF is a firm believer in layering...more is a good thing!

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