Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Is On Next? Melis Yildiz

this is definitely one of those OMG moments! The color blocking, the's all good! This is one of those fun & chic collections where that shoe or bag adds some umpfh to any look. Featured are her fall/winter & spring/summer 2013 offerings.

A short story of your brand

"l always focused on what i was really going to do and always aimed to have my own fashion label. After university I completed my bachelor's degree in fashion and textile design and moved to Italy to find my future in fashion. I have had the opportunity to have important experiences with well known Italian fashion designers. Thereafter i decided to start my own company and precisely at this time i met my husband who comes from a family that has always worked in the luxury shoe industry. So we combined all the knowledge and experiences of his family with my creativity. And I launched my brand with a capsule collection for the Spring Summer 2013 season."

The collection you will present in Rome: inspiration, materials, details..

"The starting point of my collection was Mid Century Modern era style. I focused on the feeling we have when we see the pure forms and clean lines of this era. Even if the item that is over 50 years old, the lines of mid century design objects still make us feel as though we are gazing in to the future. It was a combination of art and science, design and architecture, style and function. The feature of mid century products is an understated look with non traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood and Lucite. The use of “modern” materials made me chose wood and metal effected fabrics and heels with lots of pvc details between materials for giving an effect like the fabrics are standing in the air." (

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