Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As I swooned over the beautifully sculpted fall pieces, I discovered that they were followed by pieces from their (Simona Cassi & Marta Saletti) spring/summer 2013 collection (starting with the framed clutch), which are equally, if not more spectacular! Read on for more about their intricate collections.

A short story of your brand
"A little bit for fun but mainly for passion, our friendship grew until we decided to create something ourselves. In 2010 we created our first collection: each single piece was a replica of the architectural plan of a famous building and met with the public approval. In September 2012 our name was included in the list of the 190 designers drawn by Vogue Italia and after that we were selected for the Vogue Talents event. The Spring Summer 2014 collection that will take part in the finals at Who is On Next? is our fifth collection."

The collection you will present in Rome: inspiration, materials, details..
"Architectural plans are still the common thread of our collections. Brass is enriched with 24kt gold plating, ruthenium and rhodium. For this collection in particular we have picked very modern buildings. The Meydan in Dubai becomes a celebration of gold and Swarovski elements, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, where plastic materials are blended with sparkling gold, inspired by its architectural structure covered with glossy panels. The Concert Hall in Los Angeles looks futuristic like an android and changeable like rose petals in bloom. We are also inspired by the geometric reiteration of the Royal Library of Alexandria that evokes the shape of a meridian and inset stones are like graphemes embellishing the walls."

How do you feel to be part of this project?
"Honored and excited! We are glad we have reached the finals of such an important project that has been highlighting for years the work of emerging designers and enables to gain key visibility for the growth of a brand."


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