Monday, June 17, 2013

SAVAS by Rasmus Ringberg

While some handbag designers/brands manage to create THAT bag which finds it's place in the rarified realm of "it," there are those designs which elevate themselves above that title. SAVAS is one such collection. Perfect symmetry with the right touch of adornment....simply timeless. Read on for more about the SAVAS brand.
Rasmus Ringberg

 "I earned a diploma in Fashion Design at the Textil Akademin of Värnamo, Sweden; later on my passion for fashion brought me to Italy where I attended the Fashion Business course at Istituto Marangoni in Milan."

At the moment…
"I have set up my SAVAS brand and in this company, that bears the name of my family, I am investing my energies and passion. As for the past, my work experience with Hermès Italie, where leather production reaches top level quality, has been fundamental."

 What's next?
"For the time being I am totally absorbed by my own brand. It's a project I strongly believe in. It's a little like living a great passion: it totally engages and involves me. Every night when I go to bed I can't wait to wake up the next day to work on my collections and projects. I know, I'm young, but following my experiences with my family's company and with a few fashion houses I realized the time had come to walk on my own legs, to give space to my projects and give shape to my ideas."

Working method
"I almost never design on paper; when I come up with an idea I fist talk about it and then as soon as possible I go to the factory and realize it: I create the paper pattern and personally sew my prototype. This method enables me to test my idea right away and to see its 3D development and to feel, touch and try also the tactile sensations. The same also applies to changes: I like to make them at once to see the result, playing with volumes and different materials."

What materials do you employ and like?
 "I am passionate about leather. It's because I was raised in a family that has been working with leather for a long time and from my experience with Hermès. It's a love story that will never end."

 What would you have chosen to do if you hadn't become a fashion designer?
"I would have definitely done something creative. When I was little I dreamt about becoming an architect: I spent my time building 3D paper houses. It's odd, now I use the same technique to create nay handbags."


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