Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jewelry Binge

We are in the midst of one of my favorite times of the year...clearance sales! While some stores are just getting started, others are ahead of the game. That said, I've fallen into a jewelry buying frenzy! I did need to update some of my bangles, as well as add some dressier pieces, and was so excited to find exactly what I wanted and MORE!

To tell the truth, I actually stumbled upon the sale that J.C. Penney is having. I'd gone in for something else, and while passing through the jewelry department, my eye caught a cluster of Ippolita-ish bangles. That particular store had a ton of them priced at $1....needless to say, I grabbed a variety of silver and gold styles. I love the fact that they are quality pieces, with genuine gemstones and in no way bear the look of their clearance price. Digging a little further, I found these great, really thin, charm bangles...perfect for a little "arm layering."

 I also hit up T.J. Maxx and Dillards....I didn't fare as well (price wise) as I did in Penneys, but I found some things that I really love. Hopefully, you're all out taking advantage of this "clearance season"....happy shopping!

Vince Camuto choker & Allen B. Schwartz earrings (T.J. Maxx)
Michael Kors "Bedford" & "Astor" bracelets (Dillards)
I wanted to mix up things about a bit, and I'm always about color, so I added the Vince Camuto studded bracelet along with the other....I had been looking for a nice sized cross and this fit the bill. (Dillards)
I did a post a few weeks back about midi rings. After some searching, I found these by Glitterings. While they are regular sizes, I wear them on my middle and index fingers to achieve the "midi-look." My favorite is the "love" can been worn exposing "love" or a heart. (Dillards)
Bangles, bangles, bangles! As you will see, I couldn't get enough of them. All are gold-plated with genuine gemstones. I've started wearing the smaller rings as midi rings as well. One of the best things about these little jewels,  is the fact that they were on clearance and ranged in price from $1-$2.99....of course I grabbed every one in sight! (J.C. Penney)
More of those clearance items.....I'm so in love with the big rose quartz. (J.C. Penney)
These fun pieces are from Charming Charlie.
J.C. Penney clearance again.
Yet another batch from J.C. Penney.
I had to have the ladybug ring just as another fun piece. It and the initial necklace are from Dillards and the hammered-gold, horseshoe and wishbone pendants are from J.C. Penney.....they were on clearance for $4.97 each. The picture actually doesn't do them justice!
This is the last of the J.C. Penney bargains....all are Liz Claiborne. I found the bracelet and pendant at one store, and the matching earrings at another store.....I'm really not into the whole matching sets thing, but I like their "vintage-look."

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