Monday, April 9, 2012

Lena Savchenko-IVLISA

Name Lena Savchenko.

 Brand IVLISA.


 Background "I graduated Istituto Marangoni in London and London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. I studied also at Cordwainer's at London College of Fashion.

 Style key-words "Elegance, creativity, appropriateness."

 Where would you like to see your collection sold? "Like many creative people I have an ambition: I would love to see my collections sold in a world best department stores such as Harrods, 10 Corso Como, Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall, Macy’s, The Gum. Also I dream of monobrand stores in Milan, Moscow, Paris, New York and Shanghai."

 Other experiences in fashion? "I tried as a fashion designer, but very soon I realised that "shoes" has something really special about them. It's the only accessory the one cannot leave the house without. Sometimes it's even the first thing people look at when they meet you. But the real quality of it - is your health, the right shoes can let you run around the whole day without feeling tired. However, this point needs a lot of investments to develop and we are working on getting deeper into it.

" What do you expect from the publication on "I love Vogue Italia, I can easy see my shoes wearing one of its reader...

 What's next? "I hope there are a lot of new inspirational moments, people and possibilities to bring them to life.

" The greatest dream? "Is to find my self after 10 years as a demanded fashion designer, fashion editor, mother and wife.

" How do you define fashion? "I think Fashion is a reflection of reality.

" What celebrity would you like to dress? "I would love to dress Adriano Celentano, Madonna and Lady Gaga one day." Style icons? "Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss.

" You are obsessed with? "I’m obsessed with beauty in general. It might be a beauty of a person or a beauty of a book. Beautiful and deep action of someone makes me so happy. I love good old movies, in which all the people are happy and well-dressed.

" How is your relationship with raw materials? "I prefer to use natural materials and I hope soon I will have more possibilities to go for 100% recycled materials."


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