Monday, April 30, 2012

Laura Amstein for YKK

Royal College of Art graduate Laura Amstein is one of nine hand-picked designers part of zip manufacturer YKK and Dazed's New Breed project. With this creative portfolio, YKK and Dazed are highlighting new and exciting accessory and fashion designers in need of support. YKK is also proud sponsor of the International Talent Support’s ITS#ACCESSORIES awards in Italy, and will hand out its very own annual YKK Award in mid-July.
Obsessed with graphic, formed, shapes and bold, bright colours, Amstein makes bags, cases and accessories that, on an almost fundamental level, draw you to them. They make you want to pick them up, examine them and work them out. They are not bags simply to hang over your arm, they are pleasingly tactile in a way that makes you want to hold them, to present them.
"What I’m really interested in is how the product is going to be used and enjoyed, of course it is vital that the product is aesthetically pleasing. Balancing these two elements is a challenge I really enjoy"
Initially studying her BA in Costume Design at Edinburgh University, Amstein's interest in making smaller bags and items, and the pleasure she got from seeing people use and enjoy what she had made, soon overtook her interest in the course. Moving on to study Accessories at London College of Fashion and then to the RCA, Laura's pieces are the product of someone who has discovered her passion, and it is that which comes through in what she makes. You want to pick them up, to hold them and to look at them, because she does.


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