Monday, November 14, 2011

Tamara Mellon Leaves Jimmy Choo?!!

Jimmy Choo’s founder and creative director leaves the brand after 15 years.

She has founded the stiletto empire, also known as Jimmy Choo, fifteen years ago, with a Malaysian shoemaker and a great flair for business (and style). Today Tamara Mellon - who in the meantime as been awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth, one of the greatest honors a British citizen may aspire to – quits her "creature" that, last May, was acquired by the Labelux group, based in Vienna but the property of a German family, for 500 million pounds.

The passage of ownership has undoubtedly been the reason behind the change of the house's creative management. The brand in the last fifteen years has won over celebrities and fashion lovers including Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyoncé, Renée Zellweger. According to the British press, the departure has been amicable: is Tamara Mellon planning to found a brand new empire?


Ahhhhh.... it all makes sense now; the release of the book coincides with her departure. A very fitting tribute to a name which she made famous. She doesn't appear to be one to rest on her laurels...I'm sure that she has something up her creative, sleeve.

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