Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love This Dress!!!!

This dress is from Mango's fall 2011 collection for J.C. Penney. I initially saw it back in August in a local store and I had to stop and take a look. At that time, it was super hot, so the last thing on my mind was a long dress with sleeves! About that time, it was also featured in People Style Watch as one of their fall picks. Anyhoo, while it stayed on my mind, I didn't go back in to try it on until today, after seeing a blogger ( wearing it in a blog post.

I checked online before going to the store and they only had a couple of sizes left. I read the reviews and everyone sang it's praises, but also stated that it runs a little big, and that heels must be worn due to the length. I tried it on and fell in love! It is long, but since I'm on the tall side, I won't have to wear an extremely high heel. I plan to add a black belt to the elasticized waist, and pair with black boots and a black leather jacket. The absolute best thing? Online it's $94 marked down from $119, but in the store it was 50% off, so I ended up getting it for $59.95 + tax. I can hardly wait to wear it!

1 comment:

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