Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Studio Rain


"My Name is Yagmur Caner Alzayat and my husband name is Emad Aldin Alzayat...Our brand name is 'Studio Rain. My husband and me working together and all of the shoes are designed by me and my husband. So we 'll answer the question together…"

Academic background

"I graduaded Department of Shoes and Leather Goods Design. My Husband works in the Shoe ındustry for 12 years in Italy and Turkey."


"We' ve got a design studio about shoe, bag and belt design in Turkey and Our brand name is Studio Rain. While prepare collection of companies, we presented the first collection to customers."

The concept of her collection

"Our collection concept is to be happy. We think when the people look at the shoes, they smile...Also we believe happy is the colors. So we used the colorful leather and funny detail on the shoes. And the collection name is Funny."

How long have you had a fashion collection?

"We'd the funny collection for five months."

Is it a collection that has already been produced? Is it sold? In which stores?

"Yes,this collection has been produced. And it is sold a lot of design boutique in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir İn Turkey…"

In which stores would you like to see your collection? "We would like to see our collection Harvey Nichols, Beymen and design-related stores in the world."

What is your experience in the world of fashion?

"We're living in Turkey and haven't experience in the world.We hope after published on Vogue.it ,we 'll have a lot of experience in the world."

What do you expect from being published on Vogue.it? What are your future projects?

"We think there is a chance for us vogue.it, we expect peoples in the world will recognize us and our design."


Love, love, love the pumps!

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