Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Great Buy!

Rachel Roy, $159,

I bought this boot's "twin" this past weekend from Marshalls for $20! I had planned to share a picture of my boots, but, still unable to find my camera plug-in, I sat them aside until I run across that elusive little item. Anyhoo, my boots are Boutique 9 and are almost an exact replica(Rachel's upper appears a bit "grainy" up close, mine are totally smooth). When I ran across this pair, I could hardly believe it!

After purchasing the Boutique 9, I scoured the internet in search of another pair, just to do that price comparison thing, but couldn't find a single pair! Oh well, they're a great pair of boots....butter-soft leather upper and equally soft denim with a inside zipper.

I look forward to wearing them as soon a possible!

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