Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eva Mendes Collection: Fall 2015

Eva Mendes is back with another collection of pretty, colorful, and sexy pieces for fall. Full skirts, pencil skirts, sweater dresses, and more, will take you from work, to a night out on the town. Fabulous accessories are also in the mix, with new shoes and bags in the offerings. I've got my eye on the Countess maxi dress and skirt (I only need one or the other, so I'll have to choose), the ultra-suede trench, and circular cross-body bag (that orange is such a pretty color!).

I need to make a decision, because Eva will be on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow, talking about her foray into designing, among other things. Once that airs, I'm sure that many items will sell out pretty quickly. I'm sure that you'll find much that you love as well!

Sabrina Dress, $39

Maria Striped Jacquard Dress, $79.95

Pia Shirt Dress -  Floral, $79.95
Clare Full Skirt, $69.95

Fay Dress, $79.95

Ultra-Suede Trench Coat, $169.95
Parker Flare Dress, $79.95

Kayla Blouse - Polka Dot, $49.95

Gemma Tie-Front Dress, $79.95
Pia Shirt Dress - Polka Dot, $79.95

Ali Sweater Dress, $74.95
Countess Maxi Dress, $99.95

Marisol Halter Dress, $84.95

Siena Lace Dress, $79.95
Addison Dress, $79.95

Anya Flare Sweater Dress, $69.95

Farrah Bow Blouse - Print, $49.95
Mila Cold-Shoulder Bodysuit, $49.95

Gallery Skirt, $69.95

Frankie Belted Pencil Skirt, $64.95

Countess Maxi Skirt, $69.95
Frankie Wrap Skirt, $69.95

Thames Tall
Boot, $89.95

St. Germain
Carlyle Ankle-Strap
Platform Pump

Carlyle Ankle-

Roma Pumps

Circular Cross-body
Bag, $59.95


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