Thursday, February 26, 2015

February's Worst Outfits?

Once again, the editors at The Daily Telegraph U.K. express their views on some recent celebrity looks.

We half expected Pharrell Williams' wife Helen Lasichanh to unzip this elephant-coloured monstrosity and reveal something Grammy-worthy underneath. But sadly no, this grey Morph suit was her outfit of choice for the ceremony.

The matador-cum-showgirl costume, the thigh-high leathers, the squashed bust area, Madonna's Grammys outfit was enough of a car crash without the 56-year-old flashing her fishnet-covered bottom on the red carpet.

Joy Villa's outfit to the Grammys looked like the result of a Project Runway challenge called, 'What can you make from salvaged building site materials?' Maybe orange isn't the new black.
Rita Ora's dress at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party was a sheer shocker, making for a very cheeky display when the singer twirled around for the cameras. Rita, you let us down.

The scarlet and black ruffles on Blanca Blanco's gown at the Oscars made it look like a 'Strictly Come Dancing' costume that had got scorched in an inferno.

A candyfloss-coloured short suit does not a sophisticated outfit make, is what someone should have whispered to Bella Thorne before she stepped out in this Barbie get-up.
Charli XCX played dress up at this year's Grammys, arriving as Paris Hilton's doppelganger in a bubblegum pink mini dress, glitter platforms and the obligatory pooch side kick.

Speaking of Paris Hilton , the heiress looked like a hot mess herself at the Grammys in this ice skater's costume that steamrollered her cleavage into oblivion.

Fifty Shades of Green? Dakota Johnson should stick to grey instead of these dowdy, moss-coloured separates.
The lurid tuffs on Hofit Golan's Baftas gown reminded us of a frilled lizard's collar, and the polyester sheen didn't do her any favours.

Jane Fonda's Grammys look was far too jazzy and jewel-toned for our liking, making the 77-year-old actress look more Kermit the Frog's grandmother than glamazon.

Khloe Kardashian let it all hang out in this boob-exposing blouse at Kanye West's Adidas show.
Another member of the Kardashian clan with sadly unsupported breasts. Kim's lack of under-wiring made it look like she'd stolen two melons. And don't get us started on the paperbag camouflage pants.

High-waisted pj pants and what looks like a snood made out of net are doing nothing for Miley Cyrus at Elton John's post-Oscars bash.

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