Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note II

I'd been shopping around for a new phone for some time now. With so many choices, and many comparisons, I choose the Samsung Galaxy Note II from AT&T. I received it yesterday and am so in love! The 5.5 inch screen was a big selling point for me. While it may appear huge, it's actually pretty lightweight and easy to handle with one hand.

It boasts so many cool features! One is the S pen. You can draw with it, sign your name to emails, write in appointments and special dates on a calendar, and a whole lot more! Another feature that's just fun, is S Voice. You can make queries such as "how high is Mount Everest?" and it will speak the answer back to you. If it's unable to answer the question, it will let know and route to a list of searches where you will find your answer.  I also looked at the Galaxy Note III, but found that this one will work best for my needs.

Well, I'm off to do some more discovering, have a great day all!

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