Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"People's Shoes of Italy"

As stated on the tag of Superga sneakers. While they've been around for many, many moons, it seems that we started to hear more about them when Jennifer Anniston was spotted sporting a white pair while strolling the streets with a particular beau. Then there was Alexa Chung, who was "the face" of the brand's ad campaign in 2011, but was replaced the next year by Rita Ora.

I've never been compelled to purchase a pair, as I've never really been a big sneaker wearer, unless for athletic purposes. Lately, the T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross Stores in my area have had them in large supply, especially Ross. I wasn't particularly moved by any of the styles until I ran across pairs in gold lamé and denim....then and there, I fell in love with the classic "2750." It's interesting that the prices differed between Ross and T.J. Maxx....I bought the gold pair at Ross for $19.99 and the denim pair for $32, marked down from $39, at T.J. Maxx. Still a bargain by any means!

I was sold on the denim pair because of the pink stitching, laces, and soles. One can always find a "regular shoe," but it's the little extras that work for me. I also included a picture of another pair that I contemplated, but was a little put off by the "scuffed look." While, I'm all about studs, I just couldn't get past the added "detail."


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