Monday, July 1, 2013


Interchangeable that's a novel idea! Read on for more about this interesting concept.

A short story of your brand
"The idea for KA-MO came up during a trip. Traveling has always been very important in my life: a cross between research and adventure, an internal experience to pursue also in solitude. Having studied subjects that have nothing to do with fashion, I chose to develop the concept of the “multi-face” sandals years after it was patented in 2004. It is perhaps thanks to my background as a psychotherapist that I was able to invest on myself, setting my brand, KA-MO, in 2009 and embarking on a totally new and even risky project. I started out contacting the masters in the field and began learning on the field. In January 2012 the presentation of my first collection during AltaRoma has deeply rewarded all the hard work. From that moment on top recognitions have followed one another and the most important one, and the latest, was definitely being selected for the finals of Who Is On Next? 2013."

 The collection you will present in Rome: inspiration, materials, details…
"I am inspired by change, by things that move. The 2014 collection is based on the dynamism, the lines and the color of Composition VIII by Kandinsky, and then go on playing with the lights and the iridescence of the desert with metallic and crystal-clear arabesques, and totally flip over playing with day and night, with masks and feathers inspired by the Venice Carnival. The Duilio model, an element featured in every collection, is dedicated to a Florentine artisan friend. The materials used are different: from napa to suede, from ponyskin to Como silk, from feathers to Swarovski crystals ending with microfiber. The rings, metallic elements that embellish the models and are a signature feature of the brand, are created using a custom-made mold with a nickel-free alloy. The fabrication is rigorously handmade, although this year I have introduced more elaborate designs with the help of laser perforation." (

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