Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Talent: Myriam Schaefer

After Balenciaga the accessory designer launches her new collection.

Myriam Schaefer’s inaugural namesake bags bring an early Bugatti sport’s car to mind since they radiate with imposing presence and superior finish. Manufactured in Italy, each bag takes months to make since Schaeffer is “fanatical about researching the right leather skin” and achieving her deceptively simple details such as raised, arrow-shaped handles and perforated dotted lines, “reminiscent of a 1930s watchstrap.”

 A legend in her world - Schaeffer silently masterminded Balenciaga’s iconic, multizip City in 2000 and is currently working on Giorgio Armani’s future line of handbags– she believes in test-driving her styles such as the Drapeau, the Horloge and the Sceau. “I carry three phones and a laptop,” says the Parisian.

 “And each day bag has to carry all that as well as be easy to open and find my keys.” Schaefer has also created a line of evening clutches, which amuse her chief Italian foreman. “He’s always saying, ‘why do you make these when you never go out?’” reveals Schaefer.


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