Thursday, February 2, 2012

Model Spotlight: Fumi Desalu Vold

The first Super Model of West Africa.

Fumi Desalu-Vold is a very colorful story. Born in Moscow, Russia and raised as a child in Scotland of West African parents. Her father is Nigerian and her mother is from The Gambia. Fumi became the 1st Super Model of West Africa. Fumi has graced all the major designers with her presence on the fashion runways from Paris, to Milan, to London and New York.

And this was all at the same time as obtaining a bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the London University. She didn't stop there after relocation from London to New York, she was accepted at the famed Actors Studio in New York where the one and only James Lipton declared that she was going to be a star. And so she has, not only in Hollywood where she's had memorable parts in Ugly Betty with America Ferrera and Vanessa William, Norbit with Eddie Murphy, American Dreams with Hugh Grant as well as Entourage to name a few. She has found great success in Norway where she now resides. She is happily married to a Norwegian, a former National swim champion.

Fumi has established herself both in television and film with multiple critically acclaimed articles written about her while she has impressively been able to pick up the language! Fumi stars in a Norwegian feature film called Varg Veum that is in theaters now in Norway. And in the entire cast, Fumi is the only actor that spoke three languages, English, Norwegian and Afrikans. She is looking forward to one day having her own clothing collection, Make-up brand and signature fragrance in the stores and boutiques around the world! We cannot wait!


Beauty and brains!


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