Saturday, February 4, 2012

High Heels That Help you Drop A Dress Size in One Month?

With all due respect to ladies who love a weight loss gimmick--and yes, fat-burning underwear does sound rather enticing!--the idea that a pair of high heels can help you drop a dress size leaves me rather skeptical...but it's exactly what one manufacturer is claiming.

oday's Daily Mail has the scoop on "Antelope high heels," a pair of shoes with a concave heel that will be released next year and claim to do what all of those toning sneakers do, without the ugly bulk of wearing toning sneakers (although, it's important to note: a.) These are still kinda fugly and b.) At least one toning sneaker company, Reebok, has been forced to refund customers $25 million for making false claims). Here's what the paper has to say about the forthcoming shoes: "Early trials suggest that the high heel could help women shed as much as half-a-stone, or one dress size, if worn for a month. Makers say the design causes the foot to rock back and forth as the weight of the body shifts in motion - like when walking on an unstable surface such as sand. As a result, muscles in the legs, hips, buttocks and abdomen are forced to work harder to maintain balance, burning more calories in the process. As well as helping to shed the pounds,the heels will also correct bad posture, straightening the spine while reducing strain on the knee and ankle joints." The shoes will be available exclusively at StyleMeTV and will cost around $118.

( isn't that interesting! Noted in the verbiage are the words, "early trials suggest," and "could help women," which I imagine, might serve well to combat an onslaught of requests for refunds!

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