Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top 20 Spring/Summer 2012 Handbags?

Grown up and glamorous? Must be Gucci.

A giant satsuma in bag form - what's not to like?

Spring/summer 2012 is the final D&G collection and the Italian duo are going went out with a bang with this printed mini wrist bag. It will probably be a collector's item too - bonus!

A sneaky number 21 - excuse us but who could possibly resist Mulberry's new 'Travelling Collection' camera bag? Erm, not us!

This eye-catching Fendi tote looks like it's studded with sweets - what better arm-candy could a girl want?
These block bright top handle clutches deliver a pop of colour at a purse-friendly pricepoint.

OTT yet totally alluring.
Proenza Schouler have a history of hit-making lust-have handbags. Introducing the latest addition to their score sheet.
This is a double-whammy: stylish AND practical. Genius.
Oh yes, we can totally see this hanging off our shoulders next spring, oh yes...
Wang's the man if you want to fit in with the cool crowd. This jumbo backpack from his motocross inspired collection will give you instant kudos.

These super-long strapped shoulder bags have the Olsen twins written all over them and if anyone knows an IT bag, it's those two.
This patchwork snakeskin shoulder bag with Lam's signature rams head clasp is one to treasure for a lifetime.

Galliano may be gone, but it's good to see Dior's accessory designers haven't lost their touch.

This ginormous orange tote is totally bonkers, but we LOVE it.

The colour combination on this Tommy Hilfiger clutch is irresistible.
That Phoebe Philo knows a thing or two about making a hit collection, and her talents don't stop at clothes. This mulicoloured envelope bag will be seen dangling from only the chicest shoulders come spring.

So many great bags in this collection it was hard to pick a winner, but this patent leather version of a plastic shopping basket has the fabulous factor AND the fun factor.

Simple, uncomplicated, and truly lust-worthy? Must be Philip Lim.
Prada's 1950's car-print collection was one of our favourites. The bags were the crowning glory. Guaranteed to sell out in 0-60 seconds.

It was underwater love at first site when we saw this pearl embellished seashell bag from Chanel. Practical? No. To die for? Absolutely!

(Daily Telegraph U.K.)

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