Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Pajama Trend

I must say that I was initially soured on the idea of "pajama dressing," (before the runways made it fashionable), due to the fact that, the lounge pants in picture one, are much of what I've seen in my area as well as others for the last few years. So basically, people are wearing their pajama bottoms out and about looking as though they've just rolled out of some instances, that's probably the case! A look, made worse by the addition of a hoodie, UGG boots or thongs. That said, when I heard about the runway trend, I thought oh noooooooooooooo!!!!!! The image of Hello Kitty, and Disney character pajamas swirled in my mind like a nightmare!

Just as I slowly warmed to the idea, THAT picture of Rachel Roy surfaced....I quickly jumped off the bandwagon! Since that time, the trend has managed to redeem itself in my eyes, only because of the looks featured on WHOWHATWEAR. Should I decide to pick up a piece or two (I already have the with a martini glass and an olive), it will definitely be something sleek, chic and low key.



Rachel Roy & Celine RTW Spring 2012 (Images:


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  1. i'm a bing fan of this trend!