Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Score!

So I'm out and about yesterday, making a stop by some of my local favorites, and I happen upon both pairs of shoes. I couldn't believe my luck....two great finds in one place! As a lover of loafers, I could barely contain my excitement. While I'm not a huge fan of suede (especially light-colored suede!), these, I had to have! I needed a new pair of driving moccasins, and this is the perfect very comfortable.

The second pair is from the, now defunct, Lambertson Truex (they were bought out by Tiffany & Co.), so I'm especially thrilled to own a piece of their illustrious "history." They appear a little on the LONG side, but they look so good on! This morning it's all about the "treating" process....if you own suede shoes, you know what I mean!


Lambertson Truex

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