Friday, September 2, 2011

Totally Obsessed!

I first ran across this sketch pad while perusing the Urban Outfitters site, and was instantly smitten! I'm no designer by any means, and can do little more than draw a good stick person, but I want it! Somehow, the "draw, sketch, and paint gene," skipped me, as it was bestowed on other family members.....yes, I'm whining!

Anyhoo, I've ALWAYS wanted to sketch and such, but without some sort of template, my attempts would prove futile. Enter Tamar Daniel's sketch pad, complete with templates and proportional figures...perfect for the novice with big dreams! Urban Outfitters price is $18.95 + $10 shipping, which I was just about to settle for, until I checked and found it for $11.94 + $3.99 shipping. I can hardly wait for it's arrival!

The Fashion Sketchpad: 420 Figure Templates for Designing Looks and Building Your Portfolio [Diary]
Tamar Daniel (Author)

* Imported
* Author: Tamar Daniel
* Publisher: Chronicle Books
* Hardcover, 132 pages
* 9"w, 12"h

The ultimate tool for aspiring fashion designers who love to sketch clothes, but don't have the skills (or the patience!) to draw proportional figures. This sketchpad is filled with 420 figure templates in 20 different fashion-forward poses. Printed in a specially formulated Pantone color, the figures disappear from view when photocopied or scanned, eliminating the need to fuss with light boxes or tracing paper. An illustrated garment glossary showing the distinguishing details between a caftan, a sheath, a maxi and so on help fashion rookies create the wardrobes of their dreams.

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