Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shopping for Boots

I've been shopping around for boots for a while, and am pleased to say that I found some that I absolutely love!
This is Paris Hilton's "Marina." I picked it up at one of my local "haunts" for $24.99! It is super, super, comfortable (the stretch fabric hugs the calves and leg), and cute. I love it's mod 60s look. (Image: 

This is Boutique 9's "Rusty," it was love at first sight! I was immediately drawn to the camo print, as I don't have anything like them in my closet. I picked them up at Marshalls for $49.99. 

These metallic lovelies are by Kensie Girl......also love at first sight! Another great buy ($10), from one of my local favorites.

This is Lucky Brand's "Lexi," I saw it at another local store yesterday, but left them because I had found a pair of clog boots online that I liked....needless to say, I'm headed back to get them today (I hope they're still there!). After all, they're totally different than the other pair....who says I can't have two! (

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