Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Rewind: Jane Fonda

I love Jane Fonda, not only for her sense of style, but for her activism and many philanthropic contributions. The pictures featured, appear in the September issue of Harpers Bazaar....there are more, these are my personal favorites. Knee-high boots, mini skirts, the shag hairdo....gorgeous!

Fonda in California, 1956.

Fonda in The Chapman Report, 1962.

Fonda in Walk on the Wild Side, 1962.

Fonda with The Chase costar Marlon Brando, 1966.

Fonda, 1966.

Fonda with husband Roger and daughter Vanessa Vadim, 1968.

Fonda with Vanessa, 1969.

Fonda with Vadim, 1970.

Fonda, 1970.

Fonda in Klute, 1971.

Fonda on the cover of Life, 1971.

Fonda with John Travolta, 1979.

Fonda on set, 1980.


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