Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter FASHION DON'TS FROM Project Runway's Jonathan Joseph Peters

As a native New Englander, designer Jonathan Joseph Peters understands it can be difficult to dress for the harsh weather. As a season seven Project Runway contestant, he also knows when you are in and when you have been left out in the dark.

1. Dirty, wet, sloppy Uggs: The only thing worse than Ugg boots is wearing them out in the winter weather, so they become dirty, wet, and even uglier than before.

2. Ill-fitting layers: Nothing is worse than a jacket stuffed with a chunky sweater. Let’s not add any more holiday weight than necessary.

3. Ugly scarves: With the abundance of scarves available today, there is no reason to have anything but a lovely fashion-savvy scarf.

4. Skating in stilettos: The fastest way to ruin your look is to be slipping and sliding all over creation because you are wearing too cute but inappropriate footwear. Get cute boots and a bigger purse to carry the heels.

5. Novelty hats: Does anyone else want to slap those court jester hats off people’s heads?


Jonathan has my vote on this one!

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