Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Blasberg's Best Dressed List: Week of December 10th

Gwen Stefani in Prada
I'm sure it was quite a conundrum for the music icon: What does a famous Pop star wear to the Kennedy Center Honors? Well, an electric, canary-yellow Prada gown, of course. The color and the bright red lip are all modern, but the shape and the teased beehive hark back to a more conservative time, when the Kennedy Center first started offering its honors. This was No Doubt a red carpet hit. (Sorry, I couldn't stop myself from punning!)

Angelina Jolie in Versace
It has been the most glamorous press tour I can think of: Angelina and Brad with Johnny and Vanessa on an around-the-world journey promoting Jolie and Depp's new film The Tourist. Her basic black outfits could almost always make the best-dressed list, but we were floored when she hit the red carpet in this floor-length, slit-to-there Versace dress. She's both old glamour and modern seductress. And bonus points for the half-way updo.

Cecilia Dean in Viktor and Rolf
Like she told us in the December issue of the magazine, Visionaire's Cecilia Dean isn't afraid of a powerful look. And after posing in a Louis Vuitton ball gown in her garden, she'll readily admit she's into volume. Here, I can't help but celebrate the asymmetrical, one-shouldered Viktor & Rolf frock she rocked at a party she hosted with James Kaliardos for Visionaire during the Art Basel Miami festivities.

Elisa Sednaoui in Missoni Pants
Oh, to be an effortlessly chic French girl. (Well, Elisa Sednaoui isn't exactly French — she's also Egyptian and Italian — but after living in Paris and becoming one of Karl Lagerfeld's muses, France has taken ownership of her.) Here she is at a party for VMan in Miami, during the Art Basel festivities. In the previous three days she had been to New York, Moscow and Paris, respectively. But that didn't stop her from looking perfectly chic in these festive Missoni trousers.

Elle Fanning in Valentino Couture
I don't know what Mr. and Mrs. Fanning have done with their two daughters, but whatever they did it was a rip-roaring success. Not one, but two teenage daughters combining a normal Southern California lifestyle with young actress progeny talent. I flew to LA for the premiere of Somewhere, Elle's big debut playing Stephen Dorff's daughter who joins him for life in the Chateau Marmont. And she was just as lovely and amazing as you thought she would be. But she was also taller than Dorff, which I think he wishes she wouldn't be!

Erin Wasson in Louis Vuitton Jumpsuit
Marc Jacobs's recent collection for Louis Vuitton was undoubtedly one of my favorites. Put some endangered species taxidermy on the runway and I'm happy any day! And this jumpsuit was one of my favorite looks on the runway; but it being so fantastic and avant-garde (those polkadots are actually fringed) part of me was worried it wouldn't see the red carpet. Thank goodness style maverick Erin Wasson gave it some life at the Somewhere premiere in LA.

Lara Stone in Calvin Klein
Congratulations are in order to Lara Stone, the Belgian beauty who just won the British Fashion Awards gong for Model of the Year. Well deserved, especially since, as she once told me, her overnight success took a full decade. Here is the girl who brought back curves, gap teeth and a healthy sense of humor, bright and beautiful in specially-made Calvin Klein winter white.

Michelle Williams in Azzaro
It's not only bold colors that stand out on the red carpet. Here, Michelle Williams proves that a few sparkles and a high hemline can be just as thrilling. Here she is at the premiere of her new film Blue Valentine, which has been slapped with an NC-17 rating — wouldn't have guessed when she looks as cute and adorable as this. But maybe it's good training: It was recently announced that Michelle Williams has been cast in the next Marilyn Monroe biopic.

Thandie Newton in Peter Pilotto
This is one of the first times in recent memory I've seen Thandie in something so light, poppy and flowy. (I'm more used to seeing her looking divine in Calvin Klein minimalism.) But proving that Thandie — who has also acted in a full spectrum, from Mission Impossible action to Crash drama — is a chameleon on the red carpet as well, here she is in a delicate, key-hole Peter Pilotto.

Bianca Jagger in Roberto Cavalli
The former First Lady of the Rolling Stones has been a fashion icon for decades. (I will still never get over the white tuxedo she wore to the wedding with Mick Jagger, or the white horse she rode into Studio 54.) Here she is a few years later, but just as daring with her sartorial choices: Find me another 60-something who would be willing to work a cut-to-there electric green Roberto Cavalli caftan on the British Fashion Awards red carpet.


He didn't ask me, but I'm afraid that I must disagree with a couple or three of Mr. Blasberg's picks. While I love, love, love, Cecilia Dean's, somewhat avant-garde style, this dress comes off a little too costume-y. I'm a fan of Viktor and Rolf, but this one is just a little much, even for my liberal tastes. Next on my list of "not so much," is Erin Wasson...while I love the cut of the jumpsuit, the colors are just kind of blah. Lastly, Thandie Newton in peter Pilotto. I think this look could actually be saved with a different hair do. I see bigger hair....something akin to the styles worn by Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie. Though the print is a bit busy, I think adding a nice, silver chandelier earring would really kick things up a notch. That said, my absolute favorite look is Elle Fanning....she's truly a vision. I'm going to keep my eye on her, as I see a style icon in the making!

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