Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stone Love: Siman Tu

For over 20 years, jeweler Siman Tu has been refining his deft skill in custom, haute couture jewelry and luxury accessories. His signature style, which has won him legions of fans, hinges on retaining the natural beauty of raw semi-precious stones while styling them in a jagged, free-form fashion that is completely unique to each piece. Although his handmade (in New York City) creations might appear wild and straight-from-nature, upon closer inspection, Tu’s outstanding artistry and craftsmanship are apparent.


Big, bold, beautiful and unique is how I describe Siman Tu's semi-precious creations. I love the fact that many of the stones that he uses are "purposely jagged".......that raw, sort of unfinished quality is very appealing and lends to his designs distinct look.

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