Monday, February 22, 2010

Men: London's MQT Jeans

Luxist had been hanging out in London for a while when the men's-only denim brand MQT was brought to our attention. The denim business on the 'sceptered isle is just as intense as it is in NYC and every VIP section in LA, probably because the English take their various senses of style so... gravely... and because jeans are bloody expensive. That $250 pair of True Religion jeans scored at Fred Segal is £250 when you drive on the other side of the road. Which is $390. An inexpensive pair of jeans is $100. And that's real money.

We dropped in on MQT's central command hoping for a lesson in denim and a look at what are being called not the next big thing, but simply a big thing, period. What we got was not only a good lesson and a brilliant look, but a pair of loose fit jeans and the certitude that we'll be back buying more...


Nice, nice jeans.......I love the lightweight look as well the variety of styles.

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