Sunday, February 21, 2016

New In

I'd actually been "stalking" this Ralph Lauren bag. I first laid eye on it, in the hands of a customer in "MY STORE," (T.J. Maxx of course!). Unfortunately for me, there was only the one. I came home  checked online, and found it at Macys and Dillards for $198. I didn't bite because I knew there would be others at T.J. Maxx at some point. I checked the stores in my area for about three weeks, and finally got my hands on it yesterday for $99. I love the color! Now that that's over, I can relax for a while, at least until the next obsession hits!
LAUREN Ralph Lauren Tate Messenger bag in Deco Rose

This color can be found at; $198

I also like this color.

Turkish Blue, $195;

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