Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Plaid Shirt

Actually, I've never really cared too much for a plaid shirt. They're a fall/winter staple for most retail stores, but I'd never bought one. I recently purchased one from New York + Company (see it a further down) that I really like. for me, it's not about the trend, but the versatility of the piece itself. While a casual look with jeans and boots is good, I also like a jazzed up look. Olivia Palermo and Peony Lim's outfits are the best illustrations of the latter.

I especially love the way that Peony's pieces are layered. A great bag, and a hot shoe---that's the ticket! I also Like Mary Kate Olsen's look---the half tucked hem and layered necklaces is instant chic.


Olivia Palermo


Peony Lim

Emma Watson

Gwyneth Platrow

Jennifer Garner
Reese Witherspoon


Okay, so the one of Bridget Fonda is an oldie, and does coincide with the post, but I really wanted to focus on Mary-Kate Olsen's look which I love.
Extreme Hi-Lo Tunic Purple, $54.95

I chose this one because I'm all about a thing with a bit of a twist. I also like the fact that the front can be tied up about the waist with the back left long.

Soho Shirt - Metallic Plaid, $54.95

Soho Soft Shirt - Plaid, 54.95

Extreme Hi-Lo Tunic - Green Plaid, $59.95
Soho Soft Shirt - Lurex Plaid, $54.95
Soho Soft Shirt - Plaid, $59.95

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