Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Name Behind The Brand

The brand? Les Petits Joueurs. The name? Mariasole Cecchi. If you don't recognize either of those names, I'm sure you'll recognize the bags. They've been captured in many a "street style" feature adorning the arm of some stylish woman. I've actually harbored a not-so-secret obsession for these fabulous statement pieces since I first laid eyes on them.

Scroll down for a bit about the bag's designer, and some recent creations. Those offered by Neiman Marcus are now sold out!

Mariasole Cecchi is an Italian designer, a traveller and a dreamer living in Sao Paulo. Cecchi’s love for a statement accessory and the desire to be unique led to her experimentation in designing her own bags for Parisian parties. The bags realized using the iconic LEGO bricks were received with such applause that shortly afterwards Les Petits Joueurs was born. The expression "LES PETITS JOUEURS" (in English "the little players") is a french euphemism to define people that don't want to take risks, and the design philosophy of the brand is to create objects characterized by the uniqueness of an idea, a shape or a specific colour. Mariasole takes great pride in working with the most traditional artisans in Florence, Italy, where all of her designs are made completely by hand.

 (photo:; text:

Alex Mini Geometry
Crossbody, $945

Janis Micro Black
Widow Mini
Clutch, $725
Alex Mini
Lolita Crossbody

Alex Mini Pleated
Leather Crossbody

Alex Mini Fringe
Beaded Crossbody
Daliah Mini Beaded
Bucket Bag

Grace Lolita Heart
Clutch, $975

Daliah Geometry Studded
Bucket Bag
Red Alex - Black Widow-
Love Bag, $1,195

Green Leather Mini
Alex Bag, $1,030

"Grace Eyes" Clutch
Mini Alex Love
Tote, $1,338

"Grace Smile Clutch

Black Leather Alex
Eyes Bag, $1,125
Blue Plexiglass "LATE"
Clutch, $885

Janis Micro Rainbow
Mini Clutch, $640

Top Handle Shoulder
Bag, $861.95
Alex Matrioska
Lego Leather
Bag, $1,008

Jane Rock and Roll
Perspex Shoulder
Bag, $837

Bag photos:

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