Friday, June 12, 2015

The New Ugly-Cute, Must-Have Shoe?

The Birkenstock now has a new contender in the "ugly-cute" shoe category, according to People Stylewatch. It's Teva's "Flatform Universal" sandal. The May issue includes a picture of Jamie Chung sporting the pair below, with a cute, flowing, maxi dress. We all know, that once an "it girl" or equally stylish celebrity puts their "stamp of approval" on an item, it's the latest, greatest.

For me personally, I can handle the Birkenstock, but this one, not so much. There is however, another style that I would be open to if I were in the market, it's Teva's thong flatform. It comes in several colors, as does the "Universal." My preference would be the gold or silver metallic.

Teva "Flatform Universal," $50;

Teva Flatform Sandal, $50;

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