Thursday, June 4, 2015

May's Worst Outfits?

Yes kids, it's that time again! Nobody calls it quite like the editors at the Daily Telegraph U.K.  

Beyoncé looked like a right banana in this custard concoction. The sunny suit would have been enough, but the matching bra? Bey, you're better than that.

Enter stage right, Cher as lost boy number seven in an amateur production of 'Peter Pan'

There's artfully mish-mashing clothes together and then there's getting dressed in the dark. Abigail Breslin's tiger boots and granny cardigan combo falls in the latter camp - and what's with the fluro bra playing peekaboo?
We assume Ellie Goulding's got a green-fingered streak what with this trellis top and accompanying foliage at the Net-a-Porter party.

Hailee Steinfeld is a cowboy hat away from a barn dance. The ruffles we could deal with, but the awkward length of those boots? Non-negotiable.

No it's not a wardrobe mishap of epic proportions, Jennifer Metcalfe's Baftas dress is made to look as if the bottom is slowly slipping down her legs.
Big Bird called, Laura Whitmore, and he wants his feathers back!

Miley Cyrus' balloon basket and tiara suggest a fancy dress party of sorts (though Bella Hadid's biker jacket, in the background, says no), but regardless of theme, the bandana bra is a CAPITAL NO in our books.
Props to Sophie Ellis Bextor for still looking luminous despite the yards (and yards and yards) of red ruffles swamping her pint-sized frame.

We can tell it's Rihanna from the Dior bag dangling on her arm, but otherwise she's flirting a fine line between hobo chic and just plain, erm, hobo.

We salute Rita Ora for exposing an area few women would flash, but the star brooches and tacky white material are straight up Euro trash.
This Julien Macdonald gown is doing nada to flatter Rosie Fortescue's figure, plus is the flesh-coloured leotard underneath strictly necessary?

She said she felt like a "princess" but Sonam Kapoor's gown had a life of its own at the Cannes Film Festival, threatening to grow from feathery trim into fur ball by the time she reached the red carpet.

We compared Solange's Met Gala dress to a fifty pence piece, but it could just as easily be a black hole where all red carpet fails get pitched into oblivion.

Daily Telegraph U.K.

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