Friday, April 3, 2015

Worst Outfits of March 2015?

The Daily Telegraph U.K. shares what they term "sartorial sins," with regard to some recent celebrity looks.

We know you've just launched a lingerie range Heidi Klum , but no need to bare your bra beneath a spider's web sweater to prove it.

When the camera's away, Rosie Fortescue's bra comes out to play. Those shocking stripy trousers definitely weren't made in Chelsea.

Oh Li-Lo, where do we start? The road kill pelt, the peekaboo dress, the K-Middy heels, the transgressions are numerous.
C-3PO, the belligerent droid from 'Star Wars', must have inspired the robot costume Kiesza chose for the Juno Awards.

Skin-tight and see-through do not red carpet magic make, is what someone should have whispered to Khloe Kardashian before she stepped out in this spangled design that looked suspiciously like a shower curtain.

Funny that Rita Ora has flaming symbols emblazoned on her shirt, as an inferno is exactly where this dodgy get-up belongs.
Another Kardashian who got it oh-so wrong this month. At least younger sister Khloe Kardashian had the sense not to sport power-suit pinstripes and dominatrix knee-highs in the same ensemble. Tut tut Kim.

We can just about handle the Eighties jumpsuit swamping Miley Cyrus' pint-size frame, but the camel-toe boots and leather cap combo? Unforgivable.

Nancy Dell'Olio obviously got the memo about flares being big this season, but missed the fine print about not combining them with a 'Strictly Come Dancing' lace dress.
It looks like Ophelia Lovibond took an M&S nightie into a primary school class and asked the kids to go wild with splats of coloured paper and PVA glue. That's what we call an art attack.

Yes spinning the decks can be a vigorous activity, but that's no excuse, Paris Hilton, to go out with no bottom half. And those lacy wrist-warmers won't soak up the sweat.

Songstress Kelly Rowland ventured into bold boho territory at Paris Fashion Week, emerging in this sack of navy frills that looked big enough to fit two people.
Actress Jaime Winstone played Minnie Mouse at BBC Films' 25th Anniversary Reception, tying her hair in poufy bunches and donning this ill-fitting sequinned suit. At least it wasn't red and covered in polka dots…

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