Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Love That Iris!

I've been a fan of Iris Apfel since the first time that I laid eyes on her! Not only is she a fashion Icon, she's the embodiment of a life well lived. Her inimitable style is awe inspiring! Her "more is more" approach to dressing has earned her a permanent place in the hearts of many. At 93 years young, she's still going strong! A film about her life  is coming out soon, which I look forward to seeing.

Following is a synopsis of her recent interview with style.com.

Iris Apfel thinks everyone wears a "uniform" these days.

 The 93-year-old is considered a huge style star and will soon be seen in a film about her life, simply called Iris, by late director Albert Maysles who died in March this year aged 88.

In a world where people are always following trends, Iris thinks it's important to have fashion rebels, who shake things up with their look. "What I can tell you is that it’s much more obvious now, the way people wear uniforms," she explained to Style.com. "Maybe there are just more people walking around and so you notice, everything is very homogenised. I go out in New York and I think, boy, you can look at someone and pretty much determine their ZIP code. Everyone seems to want to conform."

Iris concedes it takes "effort" to stand out from the crowd and that she can understand if some people are too "lazy". However, she does think they are missing out on a lot of fun.

The fashion star herself doesn't spend much time on getting ready and often opts for jeans, insisting she only dresses up for special occasions. But she does always make sure everything she owns is original.

"I’d rather go to a flea market than just about anything. It’s the process I like - the same with getting dressed," she explained.

"If I’ve got someplace to be, I’ll spend more time getting dressed than I spent at the actual event. Sometimes. Even in my own closet, I love to dig and search and find. And if I’m shopping… You know, if it’s a piece of fabric, I listen to the threads. It’s not intellectual at all. The price is nothing. It’s the emotional content: I have to feel it in my gut. I don’t know how to explain it other than that."

I think that the following quote (I'm sure you've heard it at some point) aptly sums it up:

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else-Judy Garland

Photos: style.com; yahoo.com

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