Monday, January 5, 2015

Worst Outifts of 2014?

Yet again, the fashion editors at The Daily Telegraph U.K. lend their sartorial wit to outfits worn by celebrities and models alike, in various states of undress dress. As always, their commentary is priceless!

We know it's Christmas Charli XCX, you don't need to drum it home by sticking pa-rum-pa-pom-poms on your lady bits

Lindsay Lohan not only wins our prize for fitting the most fleshy tones into one outfit, but also a special recognition award for her extreme American-tan-tights-cum-leotard-leggings-and-loafers combo

Taylor Swift proved that a brocade leotard and a red carpet do not happy bedfellows make. Watch out for that camel Taylor!

He's behind you! Liberty Ross's turn as a saucy Cinderella won boos from the fashion audience
The Sound of Music fan Katy Perry found a natty use for her grandmother's old curtains

Channelling the nativity, Jennifer Lopez was wrapped in swaddling bandages and looked really mangey at the American Music Awards

Kiesza is fond of a spot of Eighties time travel, but her turn-ups are from another realm

It's time to start asking yourself if your bubblegum pink, crushed-velvet leotard embellished with a "modesty" heart is OTT when your downstairs tan lines are showing, Pixie Lott
And talking of "downstairs", Paris Hilton's gown was ovary overtly reminiscent of a lady's top secret zone

There were so many dodgy Iggy Azalea get ups to choose from this year, but these slashed mega-pants just edged it for us

                         Debbie Harry , Virgin Atlantic called - they want their jacket back

Goldie by name, silver by nature. Goldie Hawn proves that silver spandex bell-bottoms look terrible at any age
If anyone can pull off high-waisted white hot pants and gauzy Hammertime trousers it's Kristen Stewart. She didn't.

We can't help but smirk when bad outfits happen to stylish people, but Kate Moss's crumpled satin trousers with a 40-inch fly made us LOL

Is a peppermint jumpsuit ever a good idea? Lauren Goodger knows the answer...

We can only assume Jessie J literally had nothing to wear and had to fashion this ensemble from her duvet cover
No Amber Rose, you are not hostessing at a seedy Las Vegas nightclub, you are on the red carpet at the MTV Awards

Here's X Factor reject Kitty Brucknell casually arriving at a London Fashion Week show. To be clear, she's not in the show...

 To be fair, Laura Mvula knew she'd messed up here

Here's Evangeline Lilly off to audition for the role of Mary Poppins' crazier sister
We don't think this picture of Katie Price needs any explanation...

Andrea Riseborough misread her invitation to the Venice Film Festival and thought she was going to the Vatican Fashion Festival instead

Note to self Kim Kardashian - going out without a top is a total style boob

Nancy Dell'Olio is the fashion faux pas postman who always delivers and her highly-flammable lamé jumpsuit at The Serpentine Summer Party lead to a creased crotch crisis of epic proportions
 There were so very many Lady Gaga mishaps to choose from this year, but this got our vote because she is arriving at the airport. Well you would, wouldn't you...?

Serial style-dodger, Lily Cole, broke new boundaries this year in this ensemble. If anyone knows where you can even buy clothes like this, we've love to know (so we don't ever go there...)

Rita Ora tops our list of fashion's biggest fools this year, unbelievably not just because of this exploding denim look (which merits a gallery all of its own), but for a terrifying catalogue of style crimes far too long to list here. Congratulations Rita, may the fashion gods smile upon you in 2015 (or may you just get a new stylist) so you never darken this list again
If there were ever three words that shouldn't go together they are salmon, leather and hot pants, Ellie Goulding

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