Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Worst Outfits of August?

Yes, according to the fashion editors at Daily Telegraph UK. Read on, as they share their humorous take on some recent celebrity looks. Oh, and by the way, I will add that there are few "repeat offenders" in this group.

Lena Dunham presents a classic case of when terrible outfits happen to good people. With a few more chiffon frills thrown on top for good measure

Despite Gaga's best efforts, we have a feeling the curly wurly moustache might not catch on

Amber Rose is in the middle of a chain reaction, and no one is taking about love, love, love
Space age or a massive waste of tin foil, from Rita Ora?

So confused were we by Greer Grammer's turquoise Strictly Come Dancing tribute act that we were forced to find solace in the chic pair of monochrome Nikes in the corner of the picture

Who knew a crochet table mat could be stretched to fit over one's entire torso? Sam Faiers, that's who

Should someone tell Becky G that half her skirt got stuck in the car door when she shut it?
Why you should never highlight the fact you're wearing a nude bra, by Kate Walsh

Lesson to Phoebe-LetticeThompson: when you try this hard to look like a hipster, it doesn't make you a hipster

When you know that Kitty Brucknell was on her way to 'An Evening with Lady Nadia Essex' this dress seems to make a little more sense
Somewhere into the night the string holding Jessie J's metallic handkerchief in place must have come a cropper and flown off like a shiny metallic kite

Another unfortunate person has taken it upon themselves to wear Jeremy Scott's vamped up take on Moschino. Same story Ariana Grande, old news

Lil' Mama has a taste for some not so lil' tassels

There's tiger print, and then there's hot yellow tiger print, which happens to look not so hot, Charlie XCX
Holy smokes! Has Tyra Banks turned into a cyborg? And what kind of bra is she wearing? There are too many questions and too few answers to settle our troubled mind in this space-age style conundrum

Was Kaley Cuoco hoping the bow tie would give her Emmys look a Playboy flourish? Whatever the intention we applaud her for putting together an outfit that says 'hello boys' and giant pink blancmange at the same time
Is it us or does Taylor Swift's downstairs issue look really quite painful?

Daily Telegraph UK

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