Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Ginnifer Goodwin"

The pixie of course! For quite some time now, I've quietly envied those ladies who are daring enough to chop off their locks in favor of the pixie. Over the summer I'd grown tired of my particular look (top knots & buns on hot days) and felt that I needed something fresh. I knew that I wanted to go short, but initially thought maybe a layered bob. After much thinking, I decided that I wanted something a little more free and easy. You guessed it....I chose the pixie! While I love both Halle Berry's and Michelle Williams' looks, I was most inspired by Ginnifer Goodwin. I was sold on the many styling options.

I was sure that at some point, I would mourn the loss of my hair (especially after seeing it on the salon floor), but it's been over three weeks now and I'm so much in love with the style, that I may never grow it out again! There's nothing like a new look to add a little spring to your step! I'm currently sporting the look in picture number two. Styling is a breeze!

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